About Us

Our mission is to empower a new generation of creators to expand their potential and reinvent how they tell their stories.

The Team

We’re a driven team of self-starters working together to reinvent the creative industries by developing new solutions.
Øivind Aabye CTO of Wiral

Øivind Aabye

CEO and Co-Founder
Emilie Aabakken CMO of Wiral

Emilie Aabakken

CMO and Co-Founder
Helle Grande, UX Designer in Wiral

Helle Grande

UX Designer
Nikola Lindenberg Social Media Managaer in Wiral

Nikola Lindenberg

Sales and Marketing Director
Eivind Lea Creative Director in Wiral

Eivind Lea

Creative Director
Jonathan Selnes, Electronics Engineer in Wiral

Jonathan Selnes

Electronics Engineer
Andrea Holvik Thorson CEO of Wiral

Andrea Holvik Thorson

Eivind Sæter CDO of Wiral

Eivind Sæter


Our Story

We’re a crowdfunded startup company - we started out with a successful Kickstarter campaign (100% funded in under 4 minutes) and have kept growing ever since.

Our first product - Wiral LITE, is a versatile cable cam system designed to create unique, dynamic shots. It’s an awesome accessory for film production, sports, lifestyle, coaching and other types of shoots, both indoors and outdoors.

With Wiral LITE, we open the door to new possibilities in video creation.

Wiral Now

The success of Wiral LITE and the growth of a thriving user community around it has given us a huge boost, and inspires us to continue our story.

We’re excited to see where we’ll go next, and would love to meet you along our journey.

Curious to know more about us? We’d love to hear from you. Say hi anytime by sending us a message!